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Well, majority of the people that have watched me on here are obviously mlp fans. So i think it's appropriate to ask for some suggestions for mlp vectors. I still have some in my stash, but maybe you know a pony who has been left out from the DA collection. I am bored a lot, so give me a shout out and link to what you want vectored.
Hello DeviantArt!
      I decided to post a journal entry into this little box. As the title says i am wanting some suggestions on what to do considering photo manipulations, if you could provide links to stock that would be wonderful and quite helpful as well, but you don't have to. All I need are ideas. You can look in my gallery and see what I am capable of. Maybe you would like to see a speed painting of one of my pics, just tell me one and if I can i will post a video of it on youtube, or maybe you want a step by step tutorial in which case i could email you a tut, or youtube it. But i just want something to DO!!!!!